The Threats are Outside. The Risks are Inside Security Risk is a Strategic Concern: The number of external threats is increasing The Security Risks Threaten Your Business: Brand, reputation, liability & shareholder value Compliance & Governance Pressure Increasing: Regulation & governance increase as perceived risk increases The Business Response Is Reactive: IT security has shifted attention away from the applications & data The Reactive Approach Fails: Increased IT spending & focused on the wrong risks The Root Causes are Inside The Enterprise: Simple controls on the core systems could prevent most breaches Transform IT Security: Cost effectively reduce risk and improve results Security Enables New Business Opportunity: Enables the experience & secures the interactions Start Inside: Secure the core systems A Security Inside Out Approach: Protect information where it resides throughout its lifecycle Transform IT Security Focus On The Core Systems Oracle Offers Security at Every Layer: Security inside each later and across layers Oracle Security Services: Simplify IT A More Cost Effective Approach Oracle IS A trusted Expert From Applications To Storage Summary