Oracle Service Bus

Oracle Service Bus is a proven, lightweight and scalable SOA integration platform that delivers low-cost, standards-based integration for high-volume, mission critical SOA environments. It is designed to connect, mediate, and manage interactions between heterogeneous services, legacy applications, packaged applications and multiple enterprise service bus (ESB) instances across an enterprise-wide service network. Oracle Service Bus provides built-in management and monitoring capabilities and supports out-of-the-box integration with SOA Governance products.

Oracle Service Bus is a core component in the Oracle SOA Suite as a back-bone for SOA messaging. Oracle Service Bus also integrates with Oracle SOA Governance for improved enterprise-wide SOA Governance.


  • 24 x 7 up-time—Delivers stringent SLAs with intelligent load balancing and in-built high-availability infrastructure
  • Resource optimization—Minimizes costs by maximizing utilization of existing server resources even at low-latency, high-volume workloads
  • Ease of management—Allows instant, point-in-time, restore for configuration settings and provides any time, anywhere accessibility with a 100% web-based environment