Middleware Virtualization

Oracle VM Server Virtualization Powers Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder

Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder, running on Oracle VM server virtualization, is designed to dramatically speed up and simplify application deployment—including in cloud computing environments.

Designed to run directly on Oracle VM with no operating system, Oracle Web Logic Server Virtual Edition significantly improves the performance of Java-based applications. Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder enables IT administrators to quickly create, configure, and provision “assemblies” of applications.

"We've been a WebLogic Server and Oracle VM customer for many years," says Michael Poole, chief technology officer at the University of Massachusetts System. "Oracle WebLogic Server on Oracle JRockit Virtual Edition, and its use of Oracle VM server virtualization, will give us the performance and reliability that we need to run our business applications while speeding our deployment times. It will also provide the scalability we need to grow with our business and is based on open standards to help us maintain the flexibility we desire."


  • Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder—Helps organizations quickly and easily deploy multi-tier enterprise applications in virtualized environments and enables administrators to quickly configure and provision these applications.


  • Oracle VM—Makes enterprise software easier to deploy and manage and is highly optimized to run business-critical database and applications workloads efficiently and cost-effectively. The only x86 server virtualization certified for all Oracle software, Oracle VM is available as a free download.
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