Oracle VM Server for x86

Application-Driven Virtualization

Going beyond simple server consolidation, Oracle VM server virtualization is designed to enable rapid enterprise application deployment and simplify lifecycle management.

  • Oracle VM Server for x86
  • Oracle VM Server for x86
  • Oracle VM Server for x86

Only Oracle delivers the industry’s most complete and integrated virtualization. View the resources below to see the top reasons why Oracle delivers more value than VMWare.

Reason Oracle VMWare Resources
  • Oracle offers a complete applications-to-disk stack, and virtualization is fully integrated across all layers
  • Oracle's virtualization solutions are aware of what's running inside the virtual machine and can provision and manage applications, middleware, and databases
  • VMware's virtualization/ hypervisor has no awareness of the database, middleware, and applications running inside it
Lower Cost
  • Unlike VMware, Oracle VM is free to download, use, and distribute
  • Affordable support fees
  • Simple licensing
  • High cost of ownership
  • Very high license, support, and management costs
  • Complex licensing
Integrated Management
  • Full stack management
  • Manages the hypervisor, physical server, and the applications running in it
  • Multiple vendor tools needed for managing the hypervisor and what’s running inside it
Accelerating Application Deployment
  • Oracle VM Templates offer pre-installed, pre-configured virtual machines of enterprise software including CRM, ERP, clustering, and management, enabling you to deploy in minutes and hours as opposed to days and weeks
  • Best practices for accelerating deployment of complete virtual infrastructure via Oracle VM Reference Configurations
  • Virtualize Oracle Applications 7-10x Faster than VMware vSphere
    Evaluator Group Report: œQuantifying The Value of Application-Driven Virtualization (PDF)
  • Virtual appliances are via a community marketplace, not vendor supported
High Availability
  • Oracle offers high availability for the entire stack—not just the hypervisor level
  • Oracle views clustering and virtualization as complementary technologies
  • Oracle VM customers can achieve additional high availability from using Oracle Clusterware and Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC)

High availability is only at the hypervisor level; VMware is completely unaware of application crashes

Architected for Efficiency
  • Architected for low overhead when moving from physical to virtual servers
  • Aggressive testing with real Oracle Database and application workloads
  • Oracle has a single engineering team for Linux and Oracle VM, leading to better optimization between Xen and Linux
  • Architecture is prone to inefficiency
Integrated Support
  • One call to Oracle; no finger pointing at another vendor
  • Full stack is certified and supported
  • Faster time to resolution
  • Need to deal with numerous vendors for the complete stack and management

See what customers are saying about the value of integrated support:

Virtualization Built into the System
  • In addition to Oracle VM, Oracle offers virtualization built into its hardware and the Oracle Solaris operating system
  • Oracle Solaris Containers and Oracle VM for SPARC allows multiple applications to be run on a single system
  • Dynamic Domains are included in SPARC Enterprise M-Series servers, enabling greater hardware utilization and providing a high level of isolation from other domains
  • Only offers x86 virtualization
Comprehensive Platform Support
  • Oracle VM is available for both x86 and SPARC architectures
  • Only x86 platform is supported
Oracle 1-800-633-1058
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