Oracle VM Storage Connect

Enabling Storage Vendors to Make Their Advanced Storage Features a Natural Part of Oracle VM

Transparently manage storage and virtualization together through Oracle VM Manager, a component of Oracle VM 3.0, and directly configure and manage the storage attached to Oracle VM server pools.

  • Oracle VM Storage Connect
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  • Provides an application programming interface (API) into Oracle VM
  • Integrates virtualized server and storage management operations into a single GUI-based tool
  • Through integration with the features provided by Oracle and partner storage devices and file systems, Oracle VM Storage Connect plug-ins permit virtualization administrators to use the Oracle VM Manager GUI to execute on advanced storage functionality directly on the storage area
  • Oracle VM Storage Connect plug-ins can be delivered to users by Oracle or partners independently from the Oracle VM release, enabling rapid support for new storage products and vendors.
  • Allows storage vendors to write plug-ins that expose their advanced storage features directly in Oracle VM through its graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Enables businesses to directly manage storage operations through Oracle VM Manager, a component of Oracle VM 3.0
  • Enables Oracle VM administrators to directly configure and manage the storage attached to their Oracle VM server pools
  • Allows companies to fully leverage their investments in advanced storage functionality, such as deduplication and fast clone, and streamline the deployment and management of virtual infrastructure and applications in data center and cloud environments
  • Provides virtualization administrators the ability to use Oracle VM Manager to create, delete, provision and resize storage directly on the storage device or file system.
  • By configuring access groups and controlling access to the storage, users can tailor security to the operating procedures in their enterprise.

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What's New

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