Oracle Desktop Virtualization for Contact Centers

Secure, High-performance, Mobile Access to Customer Records

Oracle desktop virtualization provides customer support organizations and contact centers with high performance and secure access to sensitive customer data, as well as the mobility they need for workers who share workstations or work from multiple locations.

  • Oracle Desktop Virtualization for Contact Centers
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  • Delivers innovative features that increase security, mobility, and manageability over traditional desktop architectures
  • Reduces the maintenance, upgrade, and operational costs of traditional PCs through an interoperable, zero-administration desktop client solution
  • Manages, hosts, and provides access to virtualized desktop environments housed in the data center
  • Provides secure access to centralized, server-hosted Windows, UNIX, mainframe, and midrange applications from a range of devices
  • Provides secure, speedy access to customer data
  • Ensures session mobility between support agents across multiple sites with varying tier levels
  • Enables high productivity levels without retraining
  • Enables management from a centralized location
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