Oracle Desktop Virtualization for Healthcare

Secure, Mobile Access to Hospital Information Systems and Patient Records

Oracle desktop virtualization, with integrated smart card-based "hot-desking," provides caregivers with instant, secure access to vital information and helps healthcare organizations comply with patient privacy laws.

  • Oracle Desktop Virtualization for Healthcare
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  • Healthcare provider organizations are unique in their stringent requirements for security and their need for a high degree of mobility
  • Caregivers need instant access to patient data, but shouldn't be encumbered with a laptop or pushing around a cart-mounted PC
  • Oracle desktop virtualization virtualizes complete desktop environments and installs them in the data center, where they can be secured, managed, and maintained
  • Caregivers spend significantly less time accessing critical data
  • IT manages a few servers rather than hundreds or thousands of desktop devices
  • Healthcare organizations can improve and maintain regulatory compliance, ensuring that sensitive data is securely provided over any network
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