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Organizations face a number of challenges when moving their HR applications into the Cloud. Register here to get immediate access to the white paper--HR In the Cloud: Bringing Clarity to SaaS Myths and Manifestos.

With the arrival of Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM), Oracle is redefining the Total Cloud Ownership experience, with a full suite of enterprise-grade, SaaS HCM applications that can be deployed easily and securely across any environment, from private and public clouds, to hybrid, on-demand, or on-premise environments. Oracle Fusion HCM is also redefining the business of HR, with applications that deliver a next-generation user experience, built-in business intelligence, networking and collaboration capabilities, and embassy-grade security.

This white paper is designed to give you greater insight into putting your HR applications in the cloud, whether you leverage Oracle's Fusion HCM solutions or other third-party SaaS offerings. You'll learn about which applications and cloud delivery models make the most sense not just for your HR organization, but for your company’s industry and business model.

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HR In the Cloud: Bringing Clarity to SaaS Myths and Manifestos