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Rid the World of Project Failure. Oracle Primavera: Collaboration. Compliance. Control.

Today’s IT organizations face a wide range of demands: do more with less, standardize infrastructure but increase flexibility, handle tactics but be strategic, comply with regulations but outsmart the competition. Too often, ineffective management, poor governance, and limited portfolio visibility result in IT groups squandering resources on low-value efforts or missing opportunities entirely. When this happens, strategic demands go unmet, and little value is delivered to the organization.

Oracle’s Primavera enterprise project portfolio management solutions help organizations meet these challenges, while increasing top-line revenue and bottom-line results. Primavera delivers critical IT governance and the end-to-end visibility needed to keep IT and the enterprise in sync to deliver value.

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  • Focus on the right IT investments and dependent projects through enterprise portfolio visibility and governance that enables objective prioritization based on strategies and constraints.
  • Manage resource availability against demand and make adjustments amid economic or strategic uncertainty to maximize the use of limited resources.
  • Increase workforce productivity with processes and tools designed to complement professional staff skills and requirements.
  • Improve predictability in project delivery and speed project cost reconciliation using available ERP integrations.
  • Easily analyze and communicate IT investment performance using data from multiple systems to quickly get troubled investments back on track.
  • Rationalize the IT portfolio to reduce financial and resource waste and promote organizational innovation and competitiveness.

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