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Oracle Database Machine and
Exadata Workshop

Workshop Description

This FREE workshop introduces the attendees to Oracle Database Machine and Exadata Workshop.

Using presentations and hands-on (on a simulated environment), the attendees will learn about the architecture, setup, maintenance, monitoring and optimization options of Oracle Exadata and how this Oracle offering fits into a normal Data Warehouse and OLTP strategy.

The workshop is technically oriented and has a number of hands-on labs to get experienced on Oracle Exadata.

Workshop Objectives

  • Understand the Oracle Exadata ecosystem in a technical way

  • Learn how to predict performance improvement when using Oracle Exadata

  • Be able to put the Exadata offering in a technical architecture


Attendees must bring their own laptop to connect to the simulated environment. Please bring your own laptop with VNC installed.

  • VNC client must be installed for access to the simulated environment

  • Acrobat Reader must me installed to be able to access the Lab assignments.

General Oracle database (including ASM) knowledge is mandatory

  • Generic Linux knowledge is needed as the simulated environments run on Oracle Enterprise Linux


Technical staff, Architects


9:00am: Sign-in
9:30am: Class begins
5:00pm: Class ends

  • DB machine and Exadata architecture

  • Hardware (DB nodes, network and Exadata storage cells)

  • Installation and Patching of Exadata

  • Access to and maintenance of an Exadata environment

  • Logging and Monitoring of the environment

  • Security and HA (including B&R, DG, RAC)

  • Data Access, DataPath and Resource management in an Exadata Environment

  • Database specific features of Exadata (Storage indexing and Hybrid Columnar Compression)

Please note that all hands-on sessions are on SIMULATED environments and cannot be used to test performance enhancements.


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Oracle Database Machine and Exadata Workshop

May 30-31, 2012:
Budapest, Hungary

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