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You're looking for a solution that makes your data accessible across your enterprise quickly and easily. Imagine a proven solution to help you seamlessly and quickly manage the rapidly increasing volume of content in your organization, including documents, images, voice, video, IM, and e-mail. It's here: Oracle Optimized Solution for Oracle WebCenter Content on SPARC SuperCluster, providing fast, affordable, and secure access to information across your enterprise.

The Oracle Optimized Solution for Oracle WebCenter Content on SPARC SuperCluster is an integrated hardware and software solution that allows you to quickly enable seamless cross-organizational collaboration and communication.

Download the white papers and learn more about this unique solution offering benefits such as:

  • Increased productivity and performance—processes more than 270 million documents and performs more than 370 million searches per day

  • Ease of management—saves 50% on the administration time of ongoing whole-rack management

  • End-to-end security—built-in cryptographic accelerator delivers security without a significant performance hit, and Oracle VM Server for SPARC offers secured significant performance hit

  • Fast to implement and deploy the SPARC SuperCluster in as few as 11 days

Download the business and technical white papers now.

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