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Building the infrastructure for a world-class workforce

Today, implementing a human capital management (HCM) infrastructure can help organizations build a world-class workforce, but it also comes with many risks. There's the risk that project will take too long to complete. That it will fail to deliver the performance for such varied workloads. And, that the total cost of ownership (TCO) will be too high for a solution that's not completely integrated.

The Oracle Optimized Solution for PeopleSoft Human Capital Management on SPARC SuperCluster successfully addresses these business concerns and more. This fully integrated solution provides a complete and optimized infrastructure built with best-of-breed servers, storage, and networking. Better yet, it's delivered all ready to run Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise applications in a reliable and efficient way. All of which means now you can manage the growing demand for human resource services to build the type of workforce you need.

Access these valuable resources, and you'll learn how to:
  • Reduce risk of implementation by using a pretested architecture stack specifically designed for PeopleSoft HCM solutions
  • Deploy the complete infrastructure up to 8x faster
  • Gain up to 50% lower TCO when compared with alternative solutions

Learn to unlock the full value of your workforce. Download the resource kit now.

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