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Bridging the Big Data Divide with Oracle Data Integration

Bridging the Big Data Divide with Oracle Data Integration

Big data is all about finding a needle of value in a haystack of unstructured information. But, fundamentally, it's also about how to integrate what's new, to what you already have – from database and BI infrastructure to IT tools, and end-user applications. Data Integrator is at the heart of Oracle's data integration strategy, and has the necessary capabilities for integrating all of your enterprise data: structured as well as unstructured data. Register now and you will learn:

  • What makes Oracle Data Integrator key to big data success and how your information architecture can benefit from it

  • How Oracle Data Integrator provides native integration to Hadoop for both HDFS and Oracle NoSQL Database

  • Best practice architectures for using Oracle Data Integrator Application Adapter for Hadoop – part of Oracle Big Data Connectors

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