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Guide to Workforce Planning in the Public Sector   Oracle  

Workforce planning has become increasingly important to government organizations, especially as the baby boomers retire and new generations of government professionals are vying to become future public sector leaders. A well-defined workforce plan will be essential to help organizations anticipate needs, identify trends, and navigate the often-changing demands of the public sector workforce.

Your Guide to Successful Workforce Planning

The Workforce Planning in the Public Sector Guide sponsored by GovLoop and Oracle serves as a desktop reference to human resources professionals and as a basis for organizations establishing a workforce planning strategy.

The guide reveals tactics and best practices to set organizations on the right path to developing a well-constructed workforce plan aligned to 5 key strategies:

  • Be Strategic- know where you’re going and how to get there
  • Be Prepared- know your workforce
  • Be Proactive- develop a workforce plan
  • Be Committed- implement your workforce plan
  • Be Reflective- evaluate and revise plan as needed

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