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Complimentary Hart Energy Whitepaper, sponsored by Oracle

Complimentary Hart Energy Whitepaper, sponsored by Oracle:

Improving project outcomes and minimizing the impact of change through collaboration

Asset improvement projects in the oil and gas industry are rarely if ever easy, starting with sheer physical challenges such as getting materials to remote geographies or offshore rigs. Add in the number and variety of contractors involved in a project and the challenges multiply.

Just think of the different players involved, and their varying roles.

First, there is the owner/operator organization that will be using the improvements, and any maintenance contractors who are part of normal operations. The owner organization likely has contracted with an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firm to design and install the assets that are at the crux of the project. In addition, project leaders must collaborate with electrical firms, welders, process control consultants, construction equipment operators, and logistics firms.

It is this coordination challenge – just as much as the scale or scope of the work itself – that leads to complexity in oil and gas industry capital improvement projects. An additional element of complexity, at least in North America, is that projects are often about incremental improvements.

Major new refineries typically aren’t being built, but companies are looking to squeeze more productivity from existing facilities, perhaps by adding new vessels or processing units. In most cases, the existing assets must stay running.

To continue reading this whitepaper and learn about sound construction strategies to:

  • Drive capital program value through delivery of full scope and closer ROI management
  • Optimize funding allocation and timing, to improve cashflow and minimize fund depreciation
  • Reduce risk exposure and avoid claims
  • Optimize management of all resources – human capital, budgets, and facilities – for maximum ROI

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