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Big Data: A Big Deal for Public Sector Organizations

What’s the big deal about big data? Public Sector organizations around the world see the ability to analyze large volumes of diverse data as an important new tool for reducing costs, improving efficiency, and delivering more effective services to constituents.

Despite big potential, organizations question the best uses for big data and how to initiate and maximize big data projects.

Big Ideas, Big Concepts, Big Need

Get the answers to these and more questions by registering to download big data resources designed to help your organization develop a plan to acquire, organize, and analyze diverse data sources. Find out how your organization can optimize big data to identify trends, cut costs, improve performance and optimize service delivery.

Resources will provide you with:

  • Lessons learned from public sector big data projects
  • Best practices to leverage and optimize big data
  • Recommendations to overcome challenges and help launch big data initiatives
  • Suggested skills and expertise required to pursue big data initiatives

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“Big data allows us to provide a 360 degree view of a client in order to effectuate the best possible outcome for our citizens.”
-Isidore Sobkowski, CIO, NYC Health & Human Services