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The problem of “Islands of Automation” or disconnected operational systems has been widely eliminated by the implementation of ERP systems, but for many organizations this situation still exists when it comes to their management systems. Often stitched together by manual and spreadsheet processes it is no wonder that these organizations have problems getting strategy and execution aligned. Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management System helps drive alignment and velocity in management processes making aligning strategy and execution an achievable reality. It allows organizations’ to be:

Smart: Most organizations have access to ample data. The competitive difference comes from the analysis, interpretation, and actions based on this data. You can gain a strategic advantage by finding patterns and opportunities earlier and with deeper insight than your competitors.

Agile: To be useful, insight must be turned into action. Successful organizations are those that can rapidly adapt to changing circumstances. As competition and technology impact the marketplace you must integrate and process new information and systems quickly to gain an advantage.

Aligned: Technology has dramatically decreased transaction and communication costs, letting organizations outsource and develop tightly integrated value chains. Pervasive sharing of information and intelligence is critical to achieve alignment. To succeed in today’s world, you need to foster collaboration and communication across your extended enterprise.

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