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Oracle Accelerate for Midsize Companies

Nucleus Research, Research Note:
The Evolving Business Case for Tier 1 ERP in Midsize Companies

Tier-1 enterprise applications are more attractive to midsize companies now than ever before. Midsize companies are considering Tier-1 ERP applications for two main reasons:

  • They want to invest once in systems that positions them for growth so they can avoid the risk of outgrowing their initial investment and having to face the risk and disruption of a new implementation in a few years.
  • They believe Tier-1 ERP capabilities will give them competitive differentiation against their smaller peers and increase their ability to compete or partner with larger players.
Nucleus Research examined deployments of packaged applications such as Oracle Accelerate Solutions and found firms could deploy once with limited risk and then have enterprise-class functionality in place to support future business needs. Learn more on how Oracle has made investments in tools and technologies to reduce the cost and complexity of ERP software deployments.

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