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Secure Government:
Helping Organizations Achieve Security Throughout the Enterprise
Securing Government

Government has become increasingly digital and the strength and vitality of national economies, infrastructure, public safety, and security have been built on the foundation of information systems and cyberspace. Yet this very foundation that empowers public sector organizations to lead and service has also made organizations increasingly vulnerable to information security threats.

Advancing national interests, accelerating economic growth, and ensuring public safety are dependent on the public sector’s ability to proactively safeguard information, networks, people and resources.

Visit the Secure Government Resource Center

Click here to learn about a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions from identity management to cyber security to encryption and provisioning, to help your organization safeguard information, resources and networks throughout the entire lifecycle, enterprise-wide, from the inside out.

Resources will help your organization ensure security across the enterprise by:

  • Automating key processes, reduce audit cycles and dramatically lower compliance costs
  • Securely enabling public, private and hybrid clouds, allowing you to choose the right approach for your organization
  • Safeguarding information against increasingly sophisticated attacks and unauthorized users
  • Ensuring that mission-critical information is visible, accessible, and understandable to all authorized users in a trusted environment at the right time, worldwide
  • Implementing a centralized Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM) roadmap to realize trust, interoperability, security and efficiency benefits
Click now to access the Secure Government Resource Center. For more information call:1.800.ORACLE1.

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