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Choosing the Right Operating System Matters in the Cloud

Choosing the Right Operating System Matters in the Cloud

Linux continues to grow in popularity and Cloud Computing is one of the key reasons for its growth. In this short screencast series we highlight the top reasons that make Oracle Linux the best and lowest cost option for Cloud deployments. Linux experts also outline the key security and reliability features of Oracle Linux that are critical for Cloud deployments.

In addition, we discuss best practices for deploying Linux in a virtualized environment, including the use of pre-installed and pre-configured templates that enable rapid deployment of enterprise applications in an Oracle Linux virtual machine. We’ll share lessons learned to make your Cloud deployments easier with Oracle Linux.

But don’t take our word for it; watch this series of short screencasts that explain how Oracle Linux can help you:

  • Enable higher security and reliability in your Cloud
  • Efficiently virtualize your Linux infrastructure in the Cloud
  • Lower your cost


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