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Health Reform: Executing on the Individual Mandate Health Reform: Executing on the Individual Mandate

The U.S. healthcare market is facing the most disruptive change since the introduction of Medicare. This new environment offers great rewards to healthcare payers making wise choices in order to ensure the organization’s future success. In this paper, we have brought together influential voices from across the U.S. health insurance landscape, gathering their thoughts and advice on some of the best ways to move forward.

Hear from “first-mover” insurance companies in states where reforms are already well underway, and learn from their experiences. Read advice from industry associations, academics, consultants and vendors on how to execute on the individual mandate and integrate with health insurance exchanges. Learn how to select product and service offerings to retain profitability and growth in an era of market disruption, along with the technology choices that are required to thrive in this new environment.

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Oracle Insurance: Transforming the Insurance Enterprise

Oracle believes that insurers should be able to leverage technology to help transform their business. Oracle Insurance provides adaptive, rules-driven systems that help insurance companies easily change business processes as their business needs change. These systems position insurers to become more adaptive themselves, ready to respond to dynamic market conditions and take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

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