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Oracle Optimized Solutions for SAP

SAP environments can become complex and fragmented over time. The Oracle Optimized Solution for SAP enables the consolidation of SAP environments onto a high-performing, highly available foundation built on the Oracle SPARC SuperCluster. This solution simplifies the deployment and management of mission-critical SAP application infrastructures, enabling you to:

  • Gain faster time to production, 4x faster than custom deployments
  • Reduce risk to operations with full SAP and database High Availability
  • Improve SAP workload performance, including running queries up to 7x faster and performing data loads 4x faster

To learn more, get the Oracle Optimized Solution for SAP resources:

Business White Paper: Accelerate SAP While Reducing Complexity, Risk, and TCO

Technical White Paper: How to Improve Efficiency and Performance of an SAP Environment

Solution Brief: Consolidate and Simplify SAP Environments

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