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Strategies and Best Practices for Deploying Enterprise Private Clouds

Take IT to the Next Level: More Productivity. More Value.

What does it take to increase agility? Speed up application provisioning? Cut costs? Boost productivity? The answers to all of these questions are one and the same: Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.

Learn more by reading a White Paper by Crimson Consulting Group to learn how early adopters of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c have already achieved:

  • Up to 10x faster provisioning of applications in enterprise private clouds
  • 10-20% productivity increase due to labor cost savings resulting from cloud lifecycle management automation
  • Better business and IT alignment thanks to the implementation of self-service portals, metering, and chargeback capabilities

Don’t miss this chance to learn how private clouds can impact your business

Download the White Paper, Private Cloud in Action: Early Adopters of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Report Agility and Productivity Benefits.

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