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Applications are critical to achieving your organization's mission. But does your organization's mission include managing the integration of several applications, systems and solutions? Is your budget allocated to testing, managing and engineering unrelated applications and systems to work together?

Probably not. Overwhelmingly organizations are spending resources and time attempting to integrate, test and manage disparate solutions, systems and processes-inhibiting organizations from executing delivery on core missions and providing critical services. It's time organizations consider a new approach.

Increase Application Efficiency, Simplicity and Performance with Oracle Engineered Systems

Click here to download information, resources and examples to learn about Oracle’s Engineered Systems, a pre-integrated and certified platform built from the ground up to help organizations consolidate critical databases and applications resulting in optimal application performance and lower costs. Learn how Oracle’s “engineered systems” can help you optimize Oracle application efficiency and specifically:

  • Lower costs through more efficient use of hardware, reduced administration and lower data center footprint
  • Improve service delivery and performance for users
  • Increase performance by accelerating transactions and improving response times
  • Minimize complexity by reducing server requirements, simplify database tuning and administration and simplify reporting infrastructure

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