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The Evolution fo Experience Retailing - Understand Your Customer

The Evolution of Experience Retailing Research

The pace of change and growth in the global market is unprecedented and retailers are struggling to adapt to this change. In August 2012, Oracle Retail commissioned research to help retailers identify what consumers really want from their shopping experiences and how they can create strategies and business priorities to meet consumer demand and compete more effectively in the global market.

Understand Your Customer

Our research interviewed men and women between 18 and 60 years old in Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, Russia, the UK and USA on their views to fundamental retail principles, including customer service, overall experience, preferences and shopping trends and attitudes to technology in the retail process.

In this research you will learn

  • Consumer viewpoints of the global marketplace and what is driving the demand for this
  • The importance of service within the retail experience
  • How the approach to meeting customer expectations of a good experience differ culturally, regionally and across touch points
  • What consumers want from their interactions with retailers and their expectations around personalization, frequency and the level of intimacy of the interaction between themselves and the retailer
  • The effects of delivering poor service and the damage this will do to your business
  • The growing importance of mobile and social

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