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Differentiate Yourself Faster in a Competitive Marketplace Oracle Insurance: Fueling the Adaptive Insurance Enterprise

Facing ever-changing market demands, life insurance and annuity carriers must continue to adapt their product portfolios—and business processes—as regulations, industry, and consumer needs change. Unfortunately for many carriers, their existing, hard-coded policy administration systems inhibit rapid changes to products or processes.

To overcome these challenges and differentiate their business from the competition, many carriers are making the move to rules-based policy administration systems. In order to shorten the time required for a core transformation project, insurers can accelerate key phases of the project —namely, requirements gathering and integration—through the use of process models and configuration reference guides. This helps accelerate the transformation and drive faster time to value.

Learn more about how these and other methods can help you accelerate core transformation projects. Click Download Now to read "Core Systems Modernization: Harnessing the Power of Rules-Based Policy Administration."

Oracle Insurance: Fueling the Adaptive Insurance Enterprise

Oracle believes that insurers should be able to leverage technology to help transform their business. Oracle Insurance provides adaptive, rules-driven systems that let insurance companies easily change business processes as their business needs change. This positions insurers to become adaptive themselves—readily responding to dynamic market conditions and taking advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

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