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Demands for clinical warehousing are increasing dramatically. From being viewed as a data gathering tool, a clinical data warehouse is now moving into a new phase of becoming a business critical platform. Such a platform can support all clinical decisions across the clinical trial portfolio, be central to collaboration, and fundamental to the survival and agility of the business.

Download our new "Health Sciences Journal" which explores clinical data warehousing from various industry perspectives, with particular focus on meeting business needs, implementation, governance, challenges and solutions, and associated benefits.

Insights for this report have been provided by:

Jerry Whaley Senior Director of Development Business Technology, Pfizer

Brooks Fowler, Global Head of Data Sciences and Nareen Katta Senior Manager of Data Sciences, AbbVie

Colin Burns, Senior Director of Global Data and Technologies, ICON Clinical Research

Jonathan Palmer, Senior Director for Clinical Warehousing and Analytics, Oracle Health Sciences

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