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Leveraging Multi-Channel Communications
Is your company ready to start printing and mailing mission critical documents less often and start delivering electronically more often? If not, it is time to get ready to meet your customers’ growing demands. Using email or the Web as an alternate delivery channel was once simply a way to save your company money, but now it is equally about satisfying the demands of an ever more technically savvy customer base.

This webcast will explore the strategic and tactical aspects of planning for and implementing multi-channel communications. Benchmark data from industry firm Doculabs shows that companies continue to waste tens of millions of dollars due to outdated communications processes and poor use of technology investments. These companies are struggling to effectively address e-delivery and the demands of a mobile customer base. While many firms may have a marketing plan, an operations plan, and an IT plan for solving this problem, they lack a true customer communications plan that incorporates people, process, and technology.

Doculabs’ customer communications expert Tom Roberts will discuss the key elements around leveraging existing systems to properly define and execute multi-channel communications. Oracle’s electronic document automation expert Bryan Burr will continue the discussion by focusing on the critical system features that allow the proper automation of document communication across multiple channels with minimal effort.

What attendees will learn:

  • Key requirements of multi-channel document delivery
  • How to leverage current system processes to enhance your operations
  • Execution objectives for your communications organization
  • Governance required to leverage technology and process enhancements
  • Critical application support for multi-channel delivery

Xplor Webcast - Leveraging Multi-Channel Communications
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Tom Roberts, Principal Consultant, Doculabs
Bryan Burr, Director, Product Management, Oracle

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