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Podcast: Technology Implications of Healthcare Reform Podcast: Technology Implications of Healthcare Reform

The U.S. healthcare market is experiencing disruption not seen since the introduction of Medicare. Whether sponsored via government or private exchanges, a new retail-based model for health insurance administration is emerging as the business model to power growth.

This podcast will explore the biggest technology challenges that payers are facing, such as:

  • Doing business with health insurance exchanges
  • Updating enrollment systems, quoting, pricing, and billing
  • Increasing efficiency to support higher levels of automated claims processing
  • Implementing alternative reimbursement models

In the podcast, you’ll also learn about technology solutions that help payers bend the trend and power growth in the retail health insurance market.

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Oracle Insurance: Transforming the Insurance Enterprise

Oracle believes that insurers should be able to leverage technology to help transform their business. Oracle Insurance provides adaptive, rules-driven systems that help insurance companies easily change business processes as their business needs change. These systems position insurers to become more adaptive themselves, ready to respond to dynamic market conditions and take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

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