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Address the Needs of all Stakeholders in the Auto Lending Lifecycle   Address the Needs of all Stakeholders in the Auto Lending Lifecycle  

The automobile financing industry is currently witnessing a turnaround amidst the growing influence of information technology. Traditional screening, origination, and collection processes have matured with automated credit scoring, underwriting and loan processing. With growing market complexity and competitiveness, companies need comprehensive, unified solutions that can manage processes across products and divisions while delivering accurate, actionable information from a single source. These solutions must lower the average cost per loan and lease; create a consolidated analytical view of information; and embrace the most scalable, secure, and flexible technologies available.

Register to watch a video overview of Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing, a solution focusesd on providing a superior experience to the Customer, the Distributor and the Auto Lender through its comprehensive and unified solution. It provides end-to-end capabilities, from origination into servicing and through collections. It offers unparalleled functional coverage as well as the ability to leverage all enterprise data to help make the right product offers and finance decisions. It enables the business with predefined processes and a world-class framework to support all risk and compliance needs.

This video outlines the key features of Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing that allow your company to enable an end-to-end auto lending system. Benefits of the solution include:

  • Quicker decisions
  • Pricing based on specific company credit policies
  • Quick conversion from the lead to an application user
  • Seamless transition across channels
  • Support for credit bureau, valuation guides and credit card payment interfaces
  • Paperless workflow with dynamic work queues that can be tracked, analyzed, and audited
  • Comprehensive relationship view across all financial products for cross-selling and up-selling along with tailored advice
  • Improved revenue generation
  • Quicker adaption to changing business environment

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