Fast Data: Turning High-Velocity Data into Value
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Fast Data: Turning High-Velocity Data into Value

Fast Data: Turning High-Velocity Data into Value

There is a big buzz around big data, and how to successfully harness what many call the three Vs of big data: volume, variety, and velocity. High-velocity data brings high value, especially to volatile business processes. However, some of this data loses its operational value in a short time frame. To extract the maximum value from highly dynamic and perishable data, you need to process much faster and take timely action.

Real-time business insight and timely action helps you achieve:

  • New services that were not possible before
  • Better customer experiences through real-time personalized interaction
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Higher quality in operations by increasing visibility and predictability

Oracle’s Fast Data solutions create tangible value out of high-velocity, high-volume data by offering a complete set of technologies designed to optimize efficiency and scale for processing high-volume events and transactions.

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