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Is your competition innovating at a rapid rate?   Is your competition innovating at a rapid rate?  

Do you find it difficult to find the balance between investing in innovation and dealing with financial, resource deployment and other strategic imperatives? Consumers are fickle, and cost and profitability pressures never let up. If you move too fast, you will risk miscalculating and overextending your resources. If you are too cautious, you will risk jeopardizing your client relationships and your viability in the market.

As a result, more-informed decision-making regarding which products to pursue, which programs to cancel, and where to redirect resources and invest available and planned capacity can make the difference between business success and catastrophic failure.

Instantis EnterpriseTrack can help. Find out how.

Learn about Instantis Features and Benefits, Dashboards and Reports as well as EnterpriseStream Collaboration and Social Networking. Register now to read Oracle’s Guide to Instantis EnterpriseTrack for New Product Development PPM”.

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