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Instantis EnterpriseTrack: Dashboards and Reporting Overview   Instantis EnterpriseTrack: Dashboards and Reporting Overview  

According to published Gartner research, improving business intelligence has been among the top five technology priorities for CIOs for the past few years. The challenge for project-related business intelligence is not collecting and storing data but, rather, retrieving, displaying, and sharing relevant information easily. Information that is relevant can vary significantly, depending on the project professional and stakeholder role.

To effectively address this challenge, Instantis EnterpriseTrack provides easy-to-use dashboard and reporting options for each user role and audience—including end users, project managers, portfolio managers, and executives—and doesn’t rely on expensive third-party reporting software tools and expertise.

Learn about Instantis ‘easy to use dashboards and reports in this whitepaper “Instantis EnterpriseTrack: Dashboards and Reporting Overview”.

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