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Streamline Your Upgrade or Implementation Projects
Advanced Controls Deliver Substantial Value

Are you planning an Oracle E-Business Suite upgrade? If so, you might be interested to learn that a number of organizations have leveraged Oracle’s advanced control solutions to streamline their upgrade projects. These same solutions also provide substantial benefits to your business processes long after the upgrade is complete; it is an investment that keeps on giving!

For further insight, read the new whitepaper from PwC and Oracle and you’ll learn:

  • Top Upgrade Challenges – How organizations handle change management, how they tackle customizations, and how they design effective user security rules.
  • When is the Right Time – Why the best time to implement advanced controls is during your upgrade project, and why you should also focus on using your solutions to improve business processes during the project.
  • Real World Case Studies – How one organization achieved an estimated 30% cost savings by replacing costly customizations, and how another organization saved several hundred project hours by using Oracle’s advanced control solutions.

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Leveraging Advanced Controls with E-Business Suite Implementation & Upgrade Projects