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IT Resource Management Maturity - Global Study Results White Paper: Download Now!

IT Resource Management Maturity - Global Study Results White Paper: Download Now!

In June 2012, Instantis launched a global study on IT resource management processes and practices. The data gathering phase of this effort consisted of administering and collecting over 500 survey responses from private and public sector organizations over a three month period ending in August 2012. This 24-page study results white paper is the most comprehensive examination to date of the evolution of IT resource management maturity in industry and government.

The goal of this study was two-fold:

  1. To identify industry best practices and benchmarks by better understanding and characterizing the level of maturity of IT resource and capacity management processes achieved by organizations of various types, sizes, geographies and project management office (PMO) scopes.
  2. To validate and/or refine the hypotheses, framework, and recommendations put forward in the Resource Management Maturity Model (RMMM) for the purposes of subsequently publishing a new and improved version (i.e., RMMM 2.0).

At a high level, the report concludes that, in general, overall resource and capacity management maturity levels are low with respect to the optimal and achievable level of maturity. It concludes that organizations should take a balanced approach to the maturation process by progressing the individual maturity levels of the component processes and “dimensions” – such as resource assignment, roles, cost tracking, capacity planning, approvals, etc. – in a coordinated manner.

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