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The "Ultimate Guide to Business-Driven PMO Success" is a click away!

The Ultimate Guide to Business-Driven PMO Success is a click away!

Staying the course, even with consistently strong operational performance, is no longer enough to compete and survive in a world characterized by rapid change. Organizations and their leaders must adapt to intensifying competition, business climate change, and customers that are constantly demanding more for less. As a result, executives won’t sleep well at night until they are more comfortable with their organization’s speed and agility with respect to business strategy course adjustment and execution capabilities.

Strategic projects, programs and initiatives are the agents of change within an organization. As a result, business-driven PMOs charged with enabling or delivering successful transformational projects and programs can make the difference between thriving organizations and those that fail to survive.

The problem is that PPM initiatives and PMOs don’t have a consistent track record of success. Their failures can be traced to their inability to identify and address six critical "business alignment" success factors. This white paper will define and contrast business-driven PMOs with traditional PMOs, describe the six critical alignment success factors and offer some suggestions on how to get started with business-driven PMO systems.

Questions answered in this paper include:

  • What is a business-driven PMO?
  • Do we need a business driven PMO?
  • What are the six critical business “alignment” success factors?
  • What are the implications for PPM systems
  • How do we get started?

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