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Month in the Life of an Oracle Exadata Admin Series

Exadata Planning and Development Workbook and Video

Faster, Easier, and Safer Than Building It Yourself

Is it really easier to deploy and manage Oracle Exadata Database Machine than a custom-assembled database infrastructure? What are the trade-offs of selecting an engineered system like Oracle Exadata, and what does it mean to daily data center operations?

The new Oracle Exadata workbook series answers these questions, and more.
Register now for part one, Oracle Exadata Planning and Deployment Workbook, which explains:

  • Why a preintegrated engineered system dramatically reduces the time and effort required to design and acquire a high-performance database system
  • Why installing and configuring Oracle Exadata can be done in days rather than weeks or months
  • How you can eliminate many of the biggest risks and obstacles to deploying a highly available database system

The workbook comes with a case study video featuring interviews with DBAs, system administrators, and data center managers from Garmin talking about how Oracle Exadata changed their database operations and empowered their worldwide Garmin Connect community.

Register now. to access the first workbook and video and change the way you think about database operations.

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