Oracle's Internet of Things platform:
The M2M Platform for a Connected World

Over the last decade, we have seen the transition from connected computers to connected smartphones. IDC reports that more than 1.7 billion mobile phones will ship this year, with the predicted number reaching 2.2 billion in 2016. This smartphone revolution has presented organizations with opportunities to drive growth and improve customer experience. However, this just represents the tip of the iceberg. Cheaper, more-powerful devices, faster LTE speeds, and low-cost mobile network connectivity are driving an explosion in the number of connected devices and the data generated by them. We are now starting to see the transition from connected smartphones to connected smart devices. Smart meters, smart appliances, smart cars, and smart homes represent tremendous opportunities for organizations. This evolution, often termed machine to machine (M2M) or broadly the Internet of Things (IoT), is where more-intelligent devices can communicate with their surrounding ecosystem (humans, machines, applications, or other smart devices).

Read this white paper to learn:

  • Why M2M is a pressing initiative for your company
  • How M2M affects enterprises and what challenges and opportunities it creates
  • How Oracle's Internet of Things (IoT) platform can help enterprises harness the power of M2M
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