Oracle Corporation
Comparing the Economics of ZFS Storage Appliance to Competing Systems
Oracle Corporation Industry analyst Wikibon recently conducted a comprehensive economic value analysis of Oracle's ZFS Storage Appliance compared to conventional midrange storage systems, such as NetApp and EMC. The results? According to Wikibon, "The high-end ZFS storage array is the highest performing hybrid storage device that has been analyzed by Wikibon, and in a class of its own when it comes to high write-IO environments."

Download the full report, "Oracle ZFS Hybrid Storage Appliance Reads for Show but Writes for Dough" today, and you'll learn:
  • How the 4 year ROI of ZFS Storage Appliance compares to NetApp systems in 100 terabyte, 200 terabyte or 400 terabyte environments
  • In depth feedback from six ZFS Storage Appliance customers about their performance experience
  • Why Wikibon recommends that CIOs, CTOs and senior storage executives consider the ZFS Storage Appliance for high streaming environments
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