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For a successful Oracle E-Business Suite upgrade, it is essential that you understand what is involved and what risks you may face. In just 48 hours, Panaya’s Upgrade Automation SaaS solution lets you see exactly how upgrading to Release 12 will impact your E-Business Suite customizations.

Based on your own system information, Panaya’s complimentary analysis provides:

  • An assessment of the complexity of your upgrade project based on the total number of customizations
  • Usage analytics to scope what can be cleansed from your system when moving to Release 12
  • A project plan including the number of corrections and tests required, prioritized by the likelihood of failure in Release 12

Hundreds of Oracle E-Business Suite customers have been able to significantly reduce the risk involved in their upgrade projects and have saved up to 70% on time and costs associated with their Release 12 upgrades. You can too!

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