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The Challenges DBAs Are Facing and Key Recommendations

A recent survey conducted by the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) delves into the challenges facing database administrators (DBAs) and technologists when it comes to managing databases. For instance, though business demand for database services grew more than 20% most IT organizations are experiencing flat or shrinking budgets. Meanwhile, as the growth of data accelerates, the challenge of being able to manage data moving into virtualized environments will also accelerate.

Download the survey “From Database Clouds to Big Data: 2013 IOUG Survey on Database Manageability,”and gain new insight into how DBAs are meeting these challenges head-on with automation to provide higher service quality and cost control.


  • How DBAs are becoming more strategic in delivering business value
  • DBA challenges, such as diagnosing database performance problems and identifying resource-intensive SQL statements
  • Innovative management techniques to handle the explosive demand for IT services
  • IOUG recommendations such as taking advantage of automation or maximizing the cloud’s potential to provide database as a service

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