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On Demand Webcast:
Improving Customer Experience through Operational Excellence
  On Demand Webcast: Improving Customer Experience through Operational Excellence  

Facing ever-changing demands from regulators and consumers alike, insurance providers must adapt their processes to produce a superior customer journey. As such, a cohesive technology and customer experience strategy is not just a luxury, but an integral component of any insurer’s ambition to differentiate itself in this competitive marketplace. The expectations of policyholders are no longer shaped by their experiences within the financial services space, but in dealings with retailers, media and other service providers on a daily basis.

Against these benchmarks, providers must embrace the likes of real-time customer interaction and the potential of everything mobile to move away from being product centric to embrace a culture that places the consumer at the heart of everything they do.

In this previously recorded webcast with David Punter from Oracle, Richard Pryor from Deloitte and moderated by Jonathan Swift from the Post, watch and listen as these industry leaders assess what needs to be done to achieve a return on digital investment and understand common obstacles that may be faced along the way. Topics to be discussed include:
  • Sharing a single set of rules and product calculations across multiple business areas and systems
  • Innovating on business processes that cross traditional functional areas
  • Reducing the complexity of an IT ecosystem to reduce risk and optimize performance through common rules architecture
  • Implementing highly configurable, rules-driven systems to align policy lifecycle processes with their business transformation strategy

Improving Customer Experience through Operational Excellence
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David Punter, Principal Consultant, Oracle Insurance
Richard Pryor, Director, Technology Integration, Deloitte
Jonathan Swift, Moderator and Group Editor-in-Chief, Post

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