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Streamline Management. Reduce Complexity

Streamline Management. Reduce Complexity.

What does it take to manage a high-performance database environment running on Oracle Exadata? The Month in the Life of an Oracle Exadata Admin Series tells you what to expect when you move your database operations to a preintegrated engineered system.

Register now for the second workbook "Part 2: Operations" and you'll learn how Oracle Exadata can help you reduce administrative overhead, simplify problem resolution, and cut operational complexity and costs. Get answers to questions such as:

  • How can you deliver higher service levels for traditional and private cloud deployments using Exadata?
  • Can Exadata, powered by Intel® Xeon®, help you maximize your return through intelligent provisioning, management, and monitoring?
  • What skills and tools do you need to get the most out of your Oracle Exadata deployment?

Included in the offering is a video, Month in the Life of an Oracle Exadata Admin—Garmin Simplifies, that explains how Garmin, a leader in GPS technology, is using Oracle Exadata to enhance its operations.

Register now. to access the second workbook and video and change the way you think about database operations.

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In association with Intel Xeon

In association with Intel Xeon