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Podcast: Delivering Business Process Services
Rethink Your Business – It’s Time to Step Out of the Box
  Podcast: Delivering Business Process Services  

The US life insurance industry is dealing with significant demographic and regulatory challenges to business models and operations. The time is now to develop new ways to sustain a profitable and competitive advantage.

Cognizant utilizes Oracle Insurance Policy Administration to transform company’s business practices

  • Provides flexible rules driven engine that helps achieve faster time-to-market with easier maintenance, upgrades and integration
  • Significantly reduce technology footprint and resultant infrastructure costs
  • Global delivery model allows insurers the flexibility they need to help reduce costs while continuing to provide quality customer service to their loyal consumers

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Oracle Insurance: Core Applications for the Insurance Industry

Oracle provides adaptive, rules-driven systems that help insurers and healthcare payers navigate the change necessary to meet today’s challenges and have the business agility to be prepared for the future.

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