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Quantifying The Speed of Application Deployment With Oracle VM

Quantifying The Speed of Application Deployment With Oracle VM

Oracle VM application-driven architecture goes beyond simple server consolidation. With 100+ pre-defined, pre-configured, pre-tested Oracle VM Templates, IT administrators can easily virtualize and deploy enterprise applications. Using Oracle VM Templates to deploy applications, you can speed up application virtualization and deployment. For example, sophisticated applications such as Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) can be deployed in a matter of hours. What can you do with days and weeks of time saved? Read the report to find out:
  • How Oracle VM and Oracle VM Templates simplify and accelerate Oracle RAC and E-Business Suite stack deployments from days to hours
  • How much time is required for new users and database administrators to virtualize & deploy enterprise applications with Oracle VM Template
  • The experts view and valuable tips for time savings with Oracle VM Template along with integrated management throughout the application life cycle.

Read more in the Evaluator Group Lab Validation report, Oracle VM – Quantifying The Value of Application-Driven Virtualization.

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