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Your Guide to Install, Operate, and Maintain Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

If you’re consolidating database assets or planning for it, the " Consolidation to Private Cloud,DBaaS" workbook is for you. You’ll get valuable information and advice to help you enhance your operation. For example, by deploying your assets on a private database cloud, you can improve service levels and reduce capital and operating costs over conventional consolidation methods.

Learn how to identify implementation needs and avoid potential challenges. Discover the benefits and opportunities available to you with an Oracle Exadata system.

The workbook can help you:

  • Leverage the benefits of consolidation
  • Manage your Oracle Exadata environment
  • Avoid pitfalls and gain maximum efficiency

You can also access the video, Oracle Exadata: A Month in the Life—Garmin Delivers. Find out how Oracle Exadata is used by Garmin to improve availability and reduce IT management of Garmin’s mission-critical applications.

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In association with Intel Xeon

In association with Intel Xeon