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Cloud for Business Managers in Midsize Organizations: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

As many as 74 percent of midsize organizations have turned to the cloud, hoping to find greater flexibility, reduced complexity, and improved cost-efficiency. However, many have missed deadlines, abandoned applications, and experienced staff downtime due to a lack of integration. In fact, 84 percent of respondents have said they are not getting the best out of their departmental cloud applications.

While this survey clearly shows midsize organizations understand the potential value of cloud solutions, it also underscores the need to define a master cloud strategy to take into account the potential cost and complexity of cross application integrations if not done holistically.

Read the Dynamic Markets report, Cloud for Business Managers in Midsize Organizations: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly, to see how line-of-business managers around the world are using cloud applications.

You’ll discover:

  • The top motivations for adoption
  • The most common problems and recurring pitfalls
  • Common barriers to cloud application integration
  • The consequences of security breaches and compliance issues

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