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The New Retail Democracy

A new democratic relationship between consumer and retailer is emerging, bringing with it a considerable challenge for retailers to understand, empower and represent the new digitally-empowered consumer operating across all touch points.

In December 2013, Oracle commissioned leading UK market research agency Redshift Research to carry out a study of consumer behaviour. The research interviewed 4,500 adults from Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, South Korea, the UK and the USA.

Our report ‘The New Retail Democracy’ explores this emerging retail dynamic, and identifies what matters to global consumers in regards to their shopping experience and what retailers must do to meet and exceed these expectations.

In our research report, you will learn about:
  • Consumer preferences for multiple touch points when shopping
  • The value and benefits technology delivers to the shopping process
  • How consumers value information within the shopping process
  • The importance of individualisation to the consumer
  • Consumer opinions of their interactions with retailers
  • Positive and negative drivers in purchasing decisions
  • Growing trend of retail disintermediation and the brand opportunity

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