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IT Strategies from Oracle

A Better Way to Plan, Execute and Manage Enterprise Architecture

IT Strategies from Oracle is an authorized library of guidelines and reference architectures that will help you better plan, execute, and manage your enterprise architecture and IT initiatives. The IT Strategies from Oracle library offers two types of best practice documents: practitioner guides containing pragmatic advice and approaches, and reference architectures containing the proven technology patterns to jumpstart your initiative.

The IT Strategies from Oracle library can help you establish a reliable set of principles and standards to guide your use of Oracle technology. We will expand this library over time across all of Oracle's technologies. Today, you can access:

  1. Overview documents providing an introduction to all the resources available in the library and best practices maturity models
  2. Oracle Reference Architectures covering the application infrastructure foundation, management and monitoring, security, software engineering, service-oriented integration, service orientation, user interaction, engineered systems, and a master glossary.
  3. Enterprise Technology Strategies for Service-Oriented Architecture offering practitioner guides on creating a SOA roadmap, frameworks for governance, determining ROI, identifying services, software engineering, and white papers.
  4. Enterprise Technology Strategies for Event-Driven Architecture offering practitioner guides on creating an EDA roadmap and reference architectures on an EDA foundation and EDA infrastructure.
  5. Enterprise Technology Strategies for Business Process Management including practitioner guides on creating a BPM roadmap, business process engineering, governance, and reference architectures on a BPM foundation and BPM infrastructure.
  6. Enterprise Technology Strategies for Cloud Computing including reference architectures on a Cloud foundation and Cloud infrastructure.
  7. Enterprise Technology Strategies for Business Analytics includes a practitioner guide for creating a BA roadmap, and reference architectures for a BA foundation and BA infrastructure.
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