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Increase revenue collections, streamline processes, and improve compliance with Oracle Revenue Management for Local Governments.

What does it take to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy—with decreasing budgets? Local tax and revenue agencies are scrambling to meet this challenge in a political environment of deficits and tax cuts. Shifts in service delivery from federal and state agencies to the local level have turned up the pressure.

Oracle Revenue Management for Local Governments can help you achieve the business and technology transformation required to meet these challenges while delivering premiere taxpayer service. Oracle’s solution provides an advanced, scalable and flexible foundation that empowers organizations to competently navigate the future changes facing local government.

View our on demand Webcast now to learn how you can leverage Oracle solutions to:

  • Improve revenue generation and tracking
  • Streamline and improve collections
  • Reduce fraud and improve compliance
  • Simplify and manage complex tax policy rules and legislative changes
  • Enhance overall service to taxpayers

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn how you can reduce the tax gap, streamline taxpayer service, and simplify policy administration.

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Oracle Revenue Management for Local Governments

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